Hanging out with the people we choose to spend our time with is always fun, what’s not fun is being in a rut on what to do when you’re limited on money. When hanging out with your friends you’ve almost definitely been stuck contemplating what to do that’s inexpensive. Never fear I am here to give you my secrets to having fun while on a budget. Here’s what to do when you have no money but still want to have a good time: go outside and enjoy nature, find creative things to do, and lastly you can watch movies or show each other music.
The first way to have cheap fun is by going outside and enjoying nature, it’s free and good for you. Now I’m sure you’re asking, “how can walking around outside be any fun?” There are many nature paths to go on that aren’t far at all. For example, there are several nature trails, parks, and scenic views in the surrounding area. You and your friends can go on a hike through either woods or trails, hikes are not only good for your health but also while on the journey it can be a very good bonding experience. Another way to enjoy nature is to go camping, get a group of friends together and plan out a trip. Your camping experience doesn’t have to be at a campground, even camping in the backyard can be an exhilarating adventure. One time Gillian, Emma, and I all went camping under my weeping willow tree. What we did was: made a fire, pitched a tent, looked at the stars, lastly a camping trip wouldn’t be without had roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Nature is by far the easiest way to connect with people, and guess what? It’s everywhere.
The second way I’d recommend you have fun on a budget is by finding creative activities to do with your pals. There are lots of inexpensive crafts/ways to get you brain thinking on a different level; that would open yourself in an imaginative way with your friends. One example of something you can do is picking a topic to draw over and all of you depict it. The different illustrations will most likely be completely different, this will let you see into your group’s minds. Quick ideas: sitting together and discuss movie ideas, what ifs, questioning each other (this may bring up topics to talk about), and teaching knowledge to each other. I’ve learned with my own friends that linking on a whimsical level connects us closer than friends we haven’t opened up to in that way.
The final ways to entertain your people are watching movies together or showing each other music. Music in particular will bring individuals together, it has been for years. Every culture around the world has a genre of music that portrays their principles. Music is something that touches the soul, we all have those songs that really just hit you; why not listen to all the songs that make the hair on the back of your friend’s neck stand up. Now for movies, they not only are a simple way to pass time but they also have so many aspects attached to them. You and your friends can bond over movies that both of you enjoy, you can study the cinematography together as well. Movies have a lot of lessons to them and maybe figuring those lessons out can be a game you and your friends play.


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