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How to survive High school feels

Life Lesson: Emotions

Likely one of the biggest and heaviest things a person can encounter in their life, prominent from birth to death. Based off of personal experience, emotions are most weighing in the high school time of a person’s life (possibly due to the fact that’s the current part of my life). Most people let disappointment ruin their day, or even let the feelings hold them down for a week or so. Why should we let emotions rule over us, why do we yield our intelligence and vigor to something as minute as emotions? In high School, emotions and feelings shape wo we are for the rest of our lives, so if we don’t have control now, you will have the same struggle through out your entire life. So, how do we take control?

How to Defeat Emotions:

The human brain is a very intricate device, while we cannot directly control it sometimes, we can change our way of thinking to manipulate the different emotions that our brain would spit out. While it is easy to get caught up in negative emotions when something bad happens, try to turn to the phrase “everything has a silver lining.” When you think sad, your brain produces chemicals that make you sad, so constantly smiling and thinking happy, has been proven to boost your mood. Strength isn’t always about how much you can lift, true strength is always getting back up after you’ve been knocked down, every time. If you let life keep you down, you can never become the person you know you can be deep down.

Words of Advice:

  • Don’t base your own happiness off of others. Happiness is unique and different for everyone, it’s up to you to find out what truly makes you happy.
  • There’s and old phrase “It’s not the man that has little that is poor, it is the man that is always yearning for more that is truly barren.” To put it simply, do not base your happiness off of material goods or stress out about what others have that you don’t.
  • Boredom is a main cause of negativity. When we are doing nothing, our mental process goes into a sort of slump, and has a lasting effect. Keep challenging yourself and try new things.
  • Finally, don’t poison your mind with bad decisions. The more you do bad things like lie, cheat, or steal, you are welcoming “bad vibes” into your life and letting them fester. Attempt to stay honest, kind and truthful in everything you do.

Final Thoughts:

Emotions are a normal part in human lives, everyone has felt how you feel, or how you’ll ever feel at one point. It is the man that makes the emotions, not the emotions that make the man.

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