Ashley summitt is a senior at larue county high school. She has a love for writing and sharing new ideas, which she would love to share them with you! “when you own your breath, nothing can steal your piece.”

In high school all you hear is “you better fill out your fasfa.” “when are you going to pick your college.” “you know student loans might help you in the long run.” There is so much talk about college after you graduate and how you need to start looking either your junior or senior year of high school. Many students begin to start getting so stressed out that they just decide not to go. Plus, with the stress of either after school jobs, sports and school work, adding on an extra load with demanding students on what they need to have before they decide to go to college. But what They don’t tell you is how life is during college? What are somethings that students who are now attending college wish they had done differently? Last but not least what are some attributes that they should of thought of before going into college?
If you think about it college is a serious commitment. It’s something that takes a lot of planning and a lot of focus. These things are sometimes hard to do especially when your young and just starting out. One thing that people around the word said that they wish they knew is that they should have bought their college books online, not on campus. You pay way more and get charged overtime for having the book. College can be a fun experience, if you are careful and take financially safe steps before college.
Imagine you are just set out on your own. You are not sure about what to do or how to do it. You begin your freshman year of college and everything hits you out once. Bills stacked on bills stacked on more bills, don’t forget about your student loans on top of it all. The second thing that was commonly said is people wish they knew how much they were going to need support financially and mentally when going to college but were too proud to ask for help. States Ronnie, age 25 on teen vogue. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and learn how to save your money beforehand that way you already have a handle on things when you start your first year of college.
Many people wish they knew so much more to college then what they are told. Their financial state and mental state with college can change. These are some of the things they wish knew.

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