I spend my time doing all kinds of things that are unhealthy. Examples: Binge watching Game of Thrones, or Outlander. Binge reading. Or, well, binge eating. I also enjoy creating my own stories that come from my day dreaming, and creating art. Whether it be drawing, painting or sculpting. Oh! And singing. I sing all the time.


I woke up from the sun streaming onto my face through the curtains. I could hear my boyfriend’s family in the kitchen. I loved his family. Just as goofy and sweet as could be. I turned over expecting him to be there. But when I did all I saw was askew sheets and pillows.

“Hmmm… Zac must be at work” I said to myself. I got up and stretched, I always got cramps after sleeping in the corner of the bed at night. Feeling cold, I pulled on a sweater, slipped on my boots, and headed down the hallway to the clanks I heard in the dimly lit kitchen.

“Well!!! Good morning Jen! How did you sleep?” Barbara, his mom, beamed.

“Pretty good, feeling a little sore though.” I answered, “but it’s okay. What are you cooking?”

She looked at me, eyebrows creased in. She had Zac’s heart shape face and slanted almond shaped eyes, the only difference being her white fluffy hair. “I’m sorry. But we’re making a big breakfast. Eggs, biscuits, gravy, and bacon. Would you like some?”

She was always so thoughtful. I smiled and said “Yes, thank you,” before grabbing the plate that was reaching for me in her hands.

Markuss, Zac’s brother, handed me a fork as I walked past him to get some eggs. “Do you know if Zac’s at work?” I asked them.

“He probably took the girl in his trunk out for breakfast or something” Markuss answered, and we all laughed. The Girl in The Trunk was an ongoing joke since I started dating Zac. She is his “second girlfriend” who lived in his trunk. I’d play like I was jealous and we’d laugh it off. We had all kinds of silly jokes between us.

I looked down and pretended to sniff as if I was about to cry, and started piling eggs on my plate. I heard a random thud of a car door, and wondered if it was Zac coming home. Chelsea, his sister, came in just then to get some breakfast, and interrupted my train of thought. She stopped up short when she looked at me. “Are you feeling well? You look a bit pale,” she asked.

Confused, I looked down. I suppose I did look a bit pale. I was probably fine, though it did warm my heart that she cared so much. I looked up and smiled “I feel fine. I am a bit cold I suppose.” I looked around realized that they didn’t seem cold at all. Chelsea wore a short sleeved tee, and Markuss was sporting a pair of basketball shorts. The same creased eyebrows and turned down lips that Barbara had was etched into Chelsea’s. She took her hand and placed it on my forehead. Something has  been really off about today…

I was about to ask them if they felt cold also, when I heard the front door open. I turned around to find Zac entering into the kitchen. “Good morning!” He smiled to everyone. A quick glance told me he’d went on a jog, with the sweat beaded on his red face. But wait… hadn’t I heard the car door shut? He kissed my head and laid something down on the counter. “Oh! Breakfast!” He chimed while grabbing another plate. I looked down at the counter, he had brought in a newspaper.

“What’s this about another disappearance?” I asked aloud. A wave of cold chills ran down my spine as I continued to read, “Another disappearance in LaRue County. Police think it may be connected to the body’s retrieved earlier this week in the trunks of cars. Hallucinogenic drugs have been found in…” I trialed off. I looked down at the sketch of the man. Heart shaped face, slanted almond shape eyes under a layer of facial hair. I looked up, frantic. I could barely see straight. My eyes passed over everyone in the kitchen, their faces struck with worry. Nothing had made any sense…My vision went blurry, and then black.

I wake up again. Only this time I can’t stretch out the cramps. When I open my eyes the blackness doesn’t go away, and there’s a musty, rotting smell. It’s freezing. I start pushing on the carpeted walls around me and scream. Where am I? Was it all just in my head?

I quiet when I hear a car engine start, and the rough carpet beneath me starts to vibrate, and suddenly, I know exactly where I am.

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