Kaitlin Hack is a sophomore at LaRue County high school. She has the personality type of ENTP and is an Aquarius. She loves all forms of tea and enjoys curling up with a good book along with a steaming mug of Earl Grey. Her favorite shows include: Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Merlin. She is the “Mom” friend and makes puns more than she should. She happens to be quite the sarcastic person, whom always has a witty response. Overall, despite her comments she will listen to issues and attempt to form a solution.

Every Student’s Enemy

Procrastination…or should I say purr-cat-stination? Every single teenager is well versed in procrastination and the effects of it. The weekend pulls to a close as a teen pulls away from the random television show or website they are on to realize that it is in fact Sunday night and that paper due tomorrow isn’t writing itself. They rush to complete all work and stay up all night to ultimately finish a project that should’ve been started way earlier. This all causes massive amounts of stress that can lead to a dangerous slippery slope: more procrastination.

The cycle of procrastination may be caused by a person’s low self-esteem. Despite the appearance of helping with the issue, procrastinating can cause even lower self-esteem (O’Donovan). The other issues that arise due to being a procrastinator are health linked. As stated above, procrastinating leads to stress and anxiety. These situations can lead to many. Many health issues which can cause a number of issues. This all makes ending the horrible habit an unlikely, if even possible, task. But, it doesn’t have to be so negative as there are ways to combat the issue.

There are ways to fight against the dangerous habit and get your schedule back on track. One attempt at doing this is by breaking the issues down into smaller chunks. The smaller sections make the work seem minimal compared to larger chunks which can be intimidating (Chua). If the want to procrastinate returns, continue to break the work into smaller sections. A last resort would of course be forcing yourself to complete the work. It may not be fun, but getting a grip can make you better at completing work on time. These few tips may seem like common sense or repeated words that fall on deaf ears, but they can help break the habit of putting things off for later.

Overall, despite how impossible it may seem at the time, procrastination can be stopped. It can wreak havoc on the mind and a person’s self-esteem, but the dangerous track can be stopped. Through dedication and a strong will, any procrastinator can get their schedule back on track. It may seem like an uphill battle, but anyone can become a master of managing time and turning things in properly.



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