Cameron is a student at LaRue County High School. He plays guitar and draws. He loves rock and metal music. “All you need is love.” –John Lennon


          We interviewed a wonderful woman named Lisa. We asked multiple questions, but the one that caught my attention the most was when I asked her, what her favorite season was, which is when she answered. Her favorite season is the fall. She loves seeing the different colored leaves in the mountains. I asked do you have any fun memories about the fall.

         She responded with she went to The Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with her family when her grandkids were younger, one was 5 and one was 3. She was in a big resort. And she loved being around my grandkids. She said they never stood still, they were crazy. They had an indoor pool in the resort and she loved seeing her children and grandchildren swimming and having fun.

          She said she was devastated to hear the resort she stayed in with her family has burned down from the Gatlinburg fires. Knowing that she would never do that with her family again almost brought a tear to her eye, and did bring one to mine.

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