LaNina is a seventeen-year-old senior at LaRue County High School. She enjoys writing and drawing as well as stuffing her face full of pasta because what's not to love about pasta?

As I walked through the door of Sunrise Manor, I was hit by a feeling of fear. My legs were shaking and I could feel the perspiration through my jacket. Mrs. Garris got us checked in and ready for our interview with the residents. We continued our journey through this building, eventually finding ourselves in the cluttered bingo room. We sat our stuff down and grabbed our writing journals, waiting for Mrs. Garris’ next orders. She soon led us to where the residents were waiting to be interviewed. I was given the opportunity to speak with Ms. Marry Smith. She was a very kind old lady; her eyes lit up as we began our interview. As I asked her a question about her family, she broke out into a large, radiant smile and then broke into multiple different stories about her sons and her husband. She had said that there used to be a girl who would go to the baseball games with her children. She would always give her money to pay for her ticket. She also told me that one of her sons was in a long distance relationship with a girl from Germany. They met while he was in the military. Her kind tone continued for almost half an hour. My experience at Sunrise Manor was most definitely pleasant and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Ms. Mary Smith after our session.

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