Lincoln, a student at LaRue county high school, spends his time writing and spending all his time trying to brighten up anyone’s day. An all-around nice caring person who dislikes few and loves more. He likes to impersonate characters from tv shows and movies and he likes to play video games. “Fourscore and seven goldfishes, my crayon too.” – Abraham Elmo

A picture can say a thousand words, and a signal trip can tell even more stories. If this trip would have been skipped then my life not only would have been impacted, it would have not been changed by one lady whose mind was filled with memories of love, reality, heart break and passion. And attitude that could cheer the meanest and toughest of people up. It was the attitude that warmed the soul and pleased the spirit just to be able to experience the amount of time spent with them.

At a stunning 95 years of age just by looking at her you could never guess, the only way you would know is if you asked for her age or “if your sons 70 how old are you” as one of the new nurses once asked her upon what seemed to be her first day to get her expression from curious to shocked. Unlike most adults though there was something very special with her compared to others and that was her message that she wanted shared. “you can’t use your legs but you can always use your head.” No matter how low you get in life you just always keep at the highest you can be. A few months prior to our interview she randomly lost mostly all use of her lower body, and after being helped back to her bed she knew that the only way to continue was with high spirits. Very rarely are people changed by words, like truly changed, but since this conversation sparked I’ve kept it with me to attempt to keep the best attitude that I can and no matter how big an issue is or how little to always keep my hopes high and my mood higher.

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