As I looked at the window I saw the rain fall as I look out the window like I always did, because there was anything else to do since I’ve always been stuck inside of this house, the rain always seemed to give the deadness of being alone and being forever trapped inside my house a little excitement. In a distance, I saw a man outside my house. Who could this human be? I had never seen him before. As I pulled back the curtains to see the man that appeared to only be a shadow of a trash can. After realizing that my mind was playing jokes on me I began to sit down and think about why my mind would be allowing me to see such things, after all this wasn’t the first time I’d seen this, because I wasn’t ever allowed to go outside of my house. He would always just stand there outside my window; he didn’t seem to be there for any bad reason; he seemed peaceful. Even though I’d never seen his face didn’t mean I had never thought about this subject over and over. No one else ever seemed to see him. It was just me until one night the shadow outside my window seemed to come closer and closer; suddenly he went to the door of house as he knocked it seemed to get louder and louder so like a normal person I opened the door as I looked down while opening the door he said want to hear the story about the death that took place in this house as I looked up in shock he was in perfect view I’ve seen him before the man I seen, he was me.

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