Summer Time Fun-ness

Summer is the time of year where teens of all ages and even adults never know what to do. There’s about 60 days of nothing but sitting on their butts, unless they have a job, which is a thing…. However, some students never know what to do, they sit inside huffing and puffing about not having anything to do. So here are some fun things and why they are such amazing ideas!  You can take a road trip, go to a drive-in, or make a fun homemade slip and slide!

                There are millions of places you could go to if you wanted to take a trip depending where you live. You could go somewhere you’ve never been, or go somewhere you go all the but add more stops you never make. Like if you lived in Colorado, and want to take a road trip to L.A. you could stop at the largest thermostat in the world! If you live in Tokyo, Japan, take a trip to Tashirojima, Cat Island, or to Ōkunoshima, rabbit island. There are millions of places waiting to be explored and traveled, this summer why not take a nice trip to somewhere new!

There are around 388 Drive-In theaters left in the America according to So before they go extinct why not go to one? Most Drive-In’s play about 2-3 movies a night, some even have full night marathons throughout the year for special holidays. The Drive-In in Summersville, Kentucky, which is a favorite to many families around the small town, is opening April 14, 2017 they usually show two movies every Friday and Saturday, and on the weekend nearest to Halloween they show a horror movie marathon. Most Drive-In’s have a snack bar, however go ahead and be prepared to buy some in case the drive-in near you doesn’t.

Slip and slide’s, America’s favorite summertime pass time. From a cheap one coasting $14.99 to an amazing one costing around $1,000 and from companies willing to ship and put them up themselves $3, 799. However, you can easily make your own cheap, affordable, and possibly dangerous slip and slide! Besides what’s summer without a few scrapes and broken bones? All you need is a roll of thick plastic sheeting, 10 feet x 100 feet, shovel, to dig a small hole and bury the sides so it stays down, lubricant usually dish soap but baby oil will work also, and last but to put it all together into an actual slip and slide, water. Beware any broken bones or other injuries you can get them on normal ones.

Okay so some of these are probably things you do every summer, however, you can still do thousands of things. You have over 60 days to go and make new friends, explore the world on a trip, or even trying to your hand at a new craft. Although road trips, drive-in’s, and homemade slip and slides are an amazingly fun idea, you could even end the night on a great bonfire near the slide.


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