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Everybody has been to a restaurant before. Everybody knows how they work, some are super-fast and easy where some are a sit down dine in place and there are some restaurants that are everywhere in between. In our small town of Hodgenville, Kentucky there aren’t many “nice restaurants” to choose from. You can either have something that is super-fast such as McDonalds, or somewhere in between with the Hodgenville Grill. As you have noticed, Hometown is on the nicer side to sit down to dine in at. At any place that serves food or deals with customers, there are several things that we have to keep in mind. But there are also things that customers need to keep in mind, things such as: be respectful and considerate, look at the floor, and clean up after yourself.

Doing these things as a customer will allow you to have a better experience as a customer.
Being respectful and considerate should be an all-day everyday task. But when it comes to food, everybody gets so uptight about things. Please understand that your waiter/waitress have bad days just like you do, and that we have things outside of work that bother us while we are at work. For example, the people that go to school and are trying to support their family with the money that they are making. Don’t be rude and expect us to be okay with it. We are trying our best to make your experience the best that it can be, while doing the same with the other customers. Just keep in mind that things don’t always go as planned, but your waiter/waitress is trying their hardest.

Looking at the floor dictates a lot about a restaurant. If when you look at the floor and it’s a mess then you know that they are either super busy, have been busy or just a really nasty place to eat at. Or if the floor is super clean then they aren’t busy at all, or is a nice clean place to eat. If the restaurant floor is messy, then the server or even the cooks have had/ is having a hard time. Cleaning up from the lunch hour or dinner hour rush is the worst.

Overall, just be cautious on what you do and what you say. Always remember that we have bad days too, be respectful and look at the floor. If you keep these in mind, then you’ll have a great experience at the restaurant of your choice.

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