Tristan is a gamer and a friend. He likes all types of music besides country and he doesn’t like to speak out as much. β€œAccentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative” –Hayley Williams

Waking up to a cool breeze coming through the window, the woman looks into the darkness wondering what woke her from her slumber. Staring into the eerie shadows of the night, she sees a light crawl its way through the small opening in the door. β€œOh no, I forgot to feed it.” She exclaims to herself.Β  Pulling the covers up and over her head clenching her pillow with all her might. Crackling erupts from the other side of the room, hairy grotesque legs gently glide across the ceiling as the door is swung wide open. The girl places her hand over her mouth to prevent herself from whimpering. Peering through the holes in the blanket into the dark her eyes adjust and see the horrifying figure bounding its way toward her. One grotesque leg stabs into the pillow beside her and she screams. The figure traps her and conceals her in the instant pulling her towards it. The spider then wraps its prey in its sticky web, enfolding her and paralyzing her with its stinger, stabbing her multiple times to make sure she’s unable to move. Feeling the venom course through her skin she tries to move her arms in an attempt to break free but realizes it’s no use. The pounding of her heart dies down to almost a stop feeling her breathing slow down too she stops dead and stares. With her last thoughts she thinks to herself, β€œIt wants more and more, I couldn’t feed it, I must accept my fate, It was only a matter of time.” She thinks to herself, β€œI can’t believe this is how I die.”

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