Finally. After countless years of work, you persevered and made it to the end. You’ve finally graduated, and are about to be thrown into the ‘real world’. But now a thought begins to linger and build up in your mind: What now? You’ve been told how to live your life all the way until this point. With your newly given freedom what’re you going to do?

Well you can do many things. A popular idea is to go back into school, College that is, To go and get yourself a nice degree. With a degree you have a better opportunity of getting a high paying job. Like that dream job you’ve always wanted might require a degree, like a bachelor’s degree, or a doctorate, who knows? but that is just a suggestion, college is not for everyone and you aren’t forced to go.

Perhaps more school isn’t what you’re looking for. Perhaps you just want to live a nice life and get a home or something. Well hate to break it to you but that requires money. How do you get money you ask? Simple you get a job. You can find a reasonable paying job just about anywhere, where all you need is your high school diploma. But to help get a better job, it is recommended to go to college. For example, two year colleges actually have a waiting list for job applicants as soon as they graduate. And they tend to pay nicely.

Maybe you are done with all that, or just not ready. You could perhaps join the military. It pays decently and has many benefits. And the only education it requires is a high school diploma. However, it also a physical fitness test, so prepare for that. but it should be worth it in the end.

All in all, what you do after high school is completely up to you. People can give you all the advice and suggestions in the world, and you don’t have to do any of it. You choose your own path, but in the end just shoot for being happy, and follow your dreams.

where will you go?

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